It’s time to do this thing. “What thing,” you ask? “The ‘Facebook’ article that has been bouncing around in my head,” I reply. Social media is now woven into our culture. In fact, if you don’t have an FB page you may be considered socially “backward” – you know, relying on outdated methods to improve relationships like…TALKING TO PEOPLE.

However, with all the good…comes the bad. Social scientists are telling us that some users experience loneliness with a 1000 “friends.” FB may contribute to depression due to the comparison of your life to another. (They get to go, do, have…and you don’t.)

The other downside is what I call…Facebook stupid. Harsh, I know, but so true. So, let the Robster offer you, the Believer, a few tips to enhance your social media (FB, Twitter, LinkedIn) experience. Here goes…

  1. Engage the brain before hitting “post.”

Seriously…did you think this through? Funny to you but hurtful to another is not the best use of your time.

  1. Not every thought that comes into the aforementioned brain HAS TO BE POSTED. Keep some things private. Please.

  1. Offended by someone’s post? Talk it out don’t type it out.


Why? I don’t care how many “smiley faces” or emoticons to attach to something, people need to see the facial expressions and voice cues to know what you really mean.


  1. If you don’t want it known, don’t post it.

FB’s new setting now helps us better understand “eternity.” It’s there for the duration. So, if they (pictures, comments) might compromise your witness by being misunderstood, just say no! (See #1) Oh, and be prepared for a brother or sister to confront you on it. (Aawwk-wwaarrdd.) Your decision.


  1. Realize that you don’t have to.

The compulsion to check your page 25+ times a day is what I’m talking about. Not trying to play convicting spirit here but, holy cow! Have you spent any time in the Word today? You know, those FAITHBOOK pages you keep hearing about. The latest info on somebody’s bad haircut (or kitty cat adventures) may not really help you make it through the day. (BTW – guys, staring at those kitten pics slowly sucks the testosterone out of your body.) Just saying…

  1. Social media in itself is not a bad thing.

Don’t let Satan make it that way in your life.

Finally, WWJD. Would Jesus have a Twitter account or an FB page? He wouldn’t have Facebook but would have Twitter. Why? He doesn’t want FANS – He wants FOLLOWERS. (Yeah, a reach…just go with it.)

Keep Believing!

(ever socially conscious and needing more FB friends…) Pastor Rob