FBCH History

First Baptist Church of Harrison was founded on August 30, 1890. In the beginning, the church was known simply as the Harrison Baptist church, for there was no other Baptist church in town. Baptists, however, had lived and worshiped in Boone county for many years. The Crooked Creek Association (a forerunner to our current North Arkansas Baptist Association) met in 1889 to appoint those who would look over the Baptist cause in Harrison. After a revival led by evangelist and musician Bro. William Evander Penn (where converts were baptized in Crooked creek), First Baptist Church was born.

The first church building was constructed on the side of a hill (west) overlooking what is now “downtown” Harrison and served as the home of the First Family from May of 1892 until the mid-1920’s. At that time, the intent was to build a new facility on the corner of what is now Main and Ridge, but the church ended up meeting in what it referred to as “The Tabernacle” for several years.

By 1929, a new structure was being built and was soon occupied.  It took many years took many years to pay for the structure as the Great Depression hit just as FBC was completing the building process.  But, God blessed and the building served the church home until 1977.

The first phase of the current facilities was completed in 1979 and became the new home of First Baptist Church. Additional education and fellowship space was added in 1995 and the Recreation Outreach Center completed in 2005. Although these facilities exist as a place of worship and fellowship for the First Family, the buildings and grounds are also available to all the residents of Harrison and surrounding areas.

Over the its many years of existence, First Baptist Church has been a pillar of cooperation and support for the Harrison community. During its time serving in this area, FBC has helped to start missions that have later become Eagle Heights Baptist Church, Emmanuel Baptist Church, and what is now Western Grove Baptist Church. Although things have changed over time the goals have remained the same: worship God, love each other, reach the lost.