Here’s a Great Question

Here’s a great question: “Why not?”  If we want stuff to change, be different, or be better it’s a nice internal monologue starter. Notice that I didn’t say “internal dialogue” starter. That would hint to another topic. Anyway, here are a few “why nots.”

Why not…get ready for SUNDAY worship on SATURDAY night? You know, lay out your clothes and the kids’ –uh, the kids’ clothes. Find your Bible and put it and your car keys on the kitchen counter. Pray with your family about the next day…and pray for the Sunday School teachers, pastors, musicians, tech crew. See where I’m going with this?

Why not...come Sunday expecting God to speak to YOU? Could be that the next song holds a word for you. Could be that it is found in the main Bible passage from the sermon. Maybe it’s in a testimony given by a fellow believer. You have to be expecting it…or you just might miss it.

Why not…spread the joy next Sunday? Expecting something from meeting God? Then, tell someone about it. Your excitement may just be contagious. Speak a good word to someone with a big smile. Make them glad that they came…if for no other reason than YOU.

Why not...give a little extra this Sunday? Are you teaching your kids about tithing…about the importance of financially supporting the local church – YOUR local church? “Yes, Virginia, there is a…life beyond yourself.” (Apologies to Francis Church)

Why here Sunday? Between Monday and Sunday there will be many reasons (excuses) for not showing up. Satan is pleased when you choose to “lay out.” You miss the opportunity to be blessed or to be a blessing. Wonder (out loud if you need to) why this obstacle has been placed before you. Then, decide to overcome it. You are part of the
dynamic here. It’s not the same without you.

Your questioning pastor!