I Like Snow

I like snow. I’s winter I can’t stand.

That seems a bit ridiculous, doesn’t it? In the “Peanuts” comic strip Linus tells Charlie Brown that he loves mankind. “It’s people I can’t stand.” Same thing here. Snow is pretty as it falls and turns everything it latches on to “wonderland” gorgeous. There’s just one thing: it comes with cold weather – and sometimes (like the last few weeks) bitterly cold temps.

 Where I grew up…

everybody had a coat. We just never wore it. My “winter” wardrobe consisted of a sweater, long pants, and socks. Occasionally we had a cold snap. Notice the description “snap.” It was over quickly and was short lived as a conversation starter. We had four seasons just like other places. However, ours were: Fall, Not as Hot, Hot, and Hurricane

.It’s the cold that gets to me.

Due to some unfortunate heredity factors (thanks, Dad) I have to take blood thinners. Of course, that doesn’t help my attitude about the cold. To combat this I bulk up in the winter. (i.e.-gain weight) See, I don’t eat Krispy Kremes because I want to. They are medicinal! Anyway, that plan is good but the best way to battle the cold is with a warm place to stay and warm clothing if you do have to brave the elements

 Sometime, the spiritual cold…

gets to me as well. Jesus pointed out that near the end “the love of most will grow cold.” (Matt. 24:12) Yes, I know that’s referring to the last days but let’s be honest about THESE days. Do you find your love for all things Jesus waning? It can happen to the ones who least expect it. Why? See if any of these give you an icy chill: discouragement, disappointment, a broken heart, exhaustion, unforgiveness, distraction. Like individual snowflakes that form massive drifts, these can pile up and pile on.

 The good news is…

that it doesn’t have to happen. I like the list David Holt –a Georgia pastor– has put together to help us keep from growing cold. (His list, my comments)

  1.  “Hang around others who have a hot heart.” It’s the safety in numbers thing, winter edition.
  2. .“Spend quality time with God.” How’d you spend most of your snowed in time?
  3. .“Read biblically accurate and Spirit anointed books and articles.” It’s kindling for the soul.
  4. “Intentionally expose yourself to needs.” Exercise heats you up. Godly action does, too.
  5. “Deal with sins as they occur.” It’s easier to deal with driveway snow AS it falls than after. (Recent personal experience)

 The cold weather will…

be here for a while. Cold hearts don’t have to be. One we can’t change. The other we can. So…?

Your thinking warm thoughts pastor,