I Miss Singing

I miss singing. Don’t get me wrong. I still hold my own in corporate worship.(By the way, in the shower and in church are the best places to vocally let ‘er rip especially, if you sit near the drums. Seriously, who’s gonna hear you?) Anyway, I just miss singing the way I used to: easy, no vocal cord problems, good range (in my mind). It was one of the ways I served the Lord.

You didn’t know this…but I haven’t always been a pastor. I had a real job. I was a minister of music.Ok, it’s one of many positions I held in “church work.” Let’s see, youth pastor, education guy, singles ministry, and the best job – assistant to the janitor..But I digress…back to the music gigs. I was always blessed to have pianists who made me look good and covered for my lack of musical training. (My degree was in psychology. I knew the altos were singing the wrong note but felt compelled to ask them how they felt about it.)

Oh, and I got to sing…with great groups – “TRUTH” March - leisure Roband “Trust Company” (think of it as a Baptist boy’s band) in my college days (years, several long college years). What fun! I hit the road with the best people in the world – with 1 or 2 possible exceptions. Visited 35 states, got to sing in front of governors, business conventions, prayer breakfasts (wishing all the while it was a prayer LUNCH), youth conferences, and hundreds of churches.March - group

So, you can understand…why I would miss it. If I could I would do it still. It was such a joy using my God-given ability for the Lord.  I can’t do that as well as I once could but I can do other things…so I do…for Him.

Which leads me to ponder…the question: why don’t all Christians WANT to serve with their gifts and abilities? In my decades now of doing the aforementioned jobs I have heard all the “reasons” – and I’m using the word loosely here – that people give for not serving. One wouldn’t teach because that’s what they did as a vocation. One wanted other people to “have the chance” even though we struggled to fill the slot. Others have retired with the words “I’ve done my time.” (Isn’t that prison terminology?)

I’m afraid we’ve missed…the point in service as a part of worship. We should do what we can while we can. Don’t misunderstand. While gifts differ and talents vary, serving is a “one size fits all” thing. Don’t compare. It you do you may get distracted or discouraged. You may get angry that you serve and others do less – or don’t serve at all – and what hap- pens? You quit to make a point. Whoever said that was even an option??? Sure. Take a break. Get refreshed. But come back ready to serve where needed.

When we walk through…those pearly gates Jesus will not question us about our inabilities. He will not be concerned about bodies that failed us and kept us from the front lines of service. He may just ask one question: If you could have made a difference with sweet spirited, consistent Kingdom service, why didn’t you? Ugh. I don’t want to face the One who gave all and try to explain that somebody hurt my feelings – or – nobody else was serving – or – we had weak leadership – or – I was busy – or – I retired – or – I was in disagreement with a vote of the church – or – I just didn’t care.

FBCHers, serve freely and…serve often. You are needed. Now. Experience is not required and training is available. And if you choose to serve in the choir, sing with a quartet, or solo your little heart out, just know I’m there with you in vocal spirit.

Your melody making pastor,