Membership Requirements

Our membership requirements are simple:

  • Participation in our Membership Orientation Class,
  • A Clear Testimony of Salvation
  • Believer’s Baptism by Immersion

 How do I join or make some other commitment to Christ?

You may go to the front of the Worship Center at the conclusion of the service and share your decision with one of our pastors You may also choose to speak with the pastor after the service has concluded, or you may wish to make an appointment to talk to a minister worker about your desire for membership or your need for prayer.

1. Baptism

A candidate for baptism, after completing our membership class, and making a Personal Confession of Faith, will be baptized and become a member of our church after completing the Membership Orientation Class.

2. Transferring Your Membership

A person transferring from another Baptist church may be received by letter and upon completion of the membership class and making a Personal Confession of Faith shall become a member of our church.

3. Statement of Faith

By statement of faith that you are a believer and have been baptized by immersion in a church of similar faith and order and completing the Membership Orientation Class

What about my children?

When a child is ready to make a commitment to Christ they may come forward during the invitation. Trained counselors will deal sensitively with the child. Information about the child’s next step will be shared with the parents. Upon completion of an age-graded membership class, believer’s baptism, and giving a Personal Confession of Faith, the child will become a member of the church.

I still have some questions.

God loves you and we really care about you. If we can help, please call 870-741-3415, Monday – Friday from 8:30AM – 4:30PM. or use the Contact Form to get in touch by email