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North American Mission Study

Here am I

March 2016 Challenger

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War Room at the Lyric

We had a great turn out at the Lyric Theatre for the War Room movie last month! Our Life Groups are off to a good start! Let me encourage you who have been attending a War Room Group to not allow anything to keep you from going and completing the course. Do not allow the enemy to get a foothold, not even a toehold in your schedule. Prayer is the KEY to reaching lost souls for Christ! Prayer is where it all starts! I’m praying that the War Room study will be the start of a genuine revival for FBC and I pray that it starts right here with me!

FBC Harrison Choir Christmas Program

What’s Your Name?

Seriously. What is your name…to you? You were given a name that, at least, somebody liked or, at best, was significant to the family. We had trouble naming our twin boys. Why? Because we thought we were having a boy and a girl! Ultrasound images in the 80’s weren’t as precise as they are today…and one child kept hiding behind the other. Anyway, we had names chosen – Robert Straughn & Leah Marie – after me and my grandfather and Jonesy’s middle name. (We just liked “Leah.”) So, after the pronouncement “It’s another boy!” we just looked at each other. Back to the drawing board – for names.


Here’s a Great Question

Here’s a great question: “Why not?”  If we want stuff to change, be different, or be better it’s a nice internal monologue starter. Notice that I didn’t say “internal dialogue” starter. That would hint to another topic. Anyway, here are a few “why nots.”


Dadgum it! It’s here again!

Dadgum it! It’s here again!

Yep, it’s “resolutions” time. You know, the “comfort fibs” we tell ourselves about how we are gonna do better, be different, and accomplish much. I am faced with this annual reminder of minor successes in a sea of epic fails.

I’m not being negative. I’m being honest...with you. Seriously, every year I have determined to read daily “My Utmost for His Highest.” Let’s just say that…I’ve read every one of the devotionals…just not in one year. Oswald would be so disappointed in me. And what about reading the Bible through in a year?? I do great until I get to what I call “God’s little speed bump” otherwise known as Leviticus. (If I had been asked, I would have suggested that book be placed at the end. Just saying…)


First Family