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Now, how cool is this…that the 15th anniversary of our being “pastor and people” is (was) Easter Sunday? Yep, fifteen years ago you took an incredible risk by calling a left-handed, Alabama born, Tide loving, beach boy as

your pastor. You moved him and his family from southwest Georgia and life –for all concerned – has never been the same!

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Anticipation – Twenty.One.Days

Anticipation is more than…a song by Carly Simon. OK, I just heard a whole tree full of owls or maybe it was simply the collective question of everyone under 40: “WHO??” Look it up you young whippersnappers. (I have NO idea what that means.) The song – released during my senior year of high school – was also used for a Heinz Ketchup commercial. If you are ever on a game show don’t forget to thank me when this subject comes up. Oh, and the album went gold. So, there. (Uh, I guess that makes it a golden oldie for real.)

I am taking the positive approach… to the word – as in the opposite of “dread.” I am anticipating the next several weeks. It is during that period when a lot of great things will take place here. It can be one of those defining periods for FBCH and for you personally. For all of these events to have its full effect you (we) must be fully invested.

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Sometimes, the right question

Sometimes, the right questioncan be a wonderful tool. You can gain information and insight. Besides that, it’s a pretty decent ice breaker. Yep, a well placed question can tell you a lot about a person…or a church


At our recent “Pastor & Wives” retreat...during one of our sessions I asked that all of us fill out a questionnaire. One particular question was the most fun. “What would you do with a sudden gift of $_____?” There were three amounts listed: $100, $10,000, $1,000,000. We were to respond to each as a standalone amount and tithing was a given. The instruction was to withstand the temptation to give a “Sunday School” answer you know, like “I’d give it all away to help achieve world peace!” Oh, wait. Was that a beauty pageant response? Anyway, you get the direction


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I Like Snow

I like snow. I’s winter I can’t stand.

That seems a bit ridiculous, doesn’t it? In the “Peanuts” comic strip Linus tells Charlie Brown that he loves mankind. “It’s people I can’t stand.” Same thing here. Snow is pretty as it falls and turns everything it latches on to “wonderland” gorgeous. There’s just one thing: it comes with cold weather – and sometimes (like the last few weeks) bitterly cold temps.

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Vested – Invested

I am impressed…with word-smiths. These are the people who can string words together and make you see in your mind a vivid picture. They may be writers, sports announcers, or speakers. They have in common a keen ability to use words to draw us into the experience they are having or have had. Perhaps, they use this gift to get us to imagine something different or to persuade us to another way of thinking.
Sometimes I watch TV shows…simply for the actors’ dialogue. West Wing was one of my favorites. Aaron Sorkin was amazingly skilled as its writer. While I didn’t agree with its political slant I would sometimes re-watch an episode for the way he crafted the

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I Miss Singing

I miss singing. Don’t get me wrong. I still hold my own in corporate worship.(By the way, in the shower and in church are the best places to vocally let ‘er rip especially, if you sit near the drums. Seriously, who’s gonna hear you?) Anyway, I just miss singing the way I used to: easy, no vocal cord problems, good range (in my mind). It was one of the ways I served the Lord.

You didn’t know this…but I haven’t always been a pastor. I had a real job. I was a minister of music.Ok, it’s one of many positions I held in “church work.” Let’s see, youth pastor, education guy, singles ministry, and the best job –

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It’s time to do this thing. “What thing,” you ask? “The ‘Facebook’ article that has been bouncing around in my head,” I reply. Social media is now woven into our culture.

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STRESS … some people have it and some people give it! The question is, “What do we do with it?” Well, let me take a shot at helping you do just that. Here are a few things to consider in order to STRESS-LESS.

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The Word is “New”


The word is “NEW” as in…new year, new opportunity, new resolutions. You know…NEW. The format of our newsletter is new for one thing. The timing is another – monthly. So “new” is the new…well…new. (Yeah, I’m not following either so let me change direction.)

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