Sometimes, the right question

Sometimes, the right questioncan be a wonderful tool. You can gain information and insight. Besides that, it’s a pretty decent ice breaker. Yep, a well placed question can tell you a lot about a person…or a church


At our recent “Pastor & Wives” retreat...during one of our sessions I asked that all of us fill out a questionnaire. One particular question was the most fun. “What would you do with a sudden gift of $_____?” There were three amounts listed: $100, $10,000, $1,000,000. We were to respond to each as a standalone amount and tithing was a given. The instruction was to withstand the temptation to give a “Sunday School” answer you know, like “I’d give it all away to help achieve world peace!” Oh, wait. Was that a beauty pageant response? Anyway, you get the direction


This question provided a lot offun as we laughed, agreed, discussed, or, well, wondered about the respondent. (Here is where a smiley face would be placed if I were in to that kind of thing.) The $100

question was easy: dinner for family, special date night and such. My answer: fill up Jonesy’s land yacht with gas. I’m not sure if I mentioned that the change would buy a dozen hot Krispy Kremes.


$10,000” got us closer to seeing...where we are in life right now. Debt reduction, family vacation, savings, college accounts…these responses show that your pastors are pretty normal people.(You know, I can hear you roll your eyes! It’s a superpower. So, stop it.)


What would you do with $1,000,000?Ah, this is the amount where dreams live! This is when what you thought was never possible becomes reality. This changes everything! It is amazing to listen to how people spoke of having money to care for unwanted kids or launch a ministry or start a church. Mine? Buy a plane, renew my license, and join Mission Aviation Fellowship. Of course, I’d have to buy a mechanic, too, because I would never trust a plane I’d worked on. (2 nd option: move to Key West and eat Key Lime Pie until the only way back to the mainland was me on the back of a flatbed wearing a t-shirt that read “wide load.” I didn’t say it was a spiritual #2.)


The “money” question always...opens a window to the heart of an individual. But we already knew that, didn’t we? We knew because we read the Bible and we remember Jesus teaching in the “Sermon on the Mount.” (Right?) Matthew recorded Jesus as saying, for where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” (6:21) I believe the verse and its context hold two teaching points from the Savior.


1. You focus on earthly treasure and you WILL lose heavenly perspective. It happens We live for “stuff” and we miss the big opportunity. We missed the “other” us the one that is the person we all WANT to be…but are afraid of trusting and trying.


2. For His true disciple…“money follows the heart” not “the heart follows the money.”Think about it. Whatever your heart deems most valuable will send your money to find it. It’s like one person said: “More money only makes the real you more evident.” (OK…I said that. It just seems more viable if I tell you someone else did.)

A suggestion: why not askyourself this same question? Be honest. Then, ask God what needs

to change. Maybe nothing. But maybe everything!


Your dreaming the dream pastor