The Word is “New”


The word is “NEW” as in…new year, new opportunity, new resolutions. You know…NEW. The format of our newsletter is new for one thing. The timing is another – monthly. So “new” is the new…well…new. (Yeah, I’m not following either so let me change direction.)

Christmas is described as…the most wonderful time of the year. Probably so. However, I think the first of every year is actually the best time. Why? Well, it’s the great “re-do” of life – the starting over point. We get to make decisive changes in our lives. Take diet, for instance. No special “eating” events or scheduled until Valentine’s Day when you eat a fancy meal with that special someone…or just use it as an excuse to gorge yourself on chocolate. That’s right, six weeks to get cracking on that new lifestyle. No events…well, except the BCS championship game…and maybe the Super Bowl…and if the “hot now” light is on.

The new year brings…great hope of a new difference in me and you. Individually we dream, get a plan, and work our plan. The excitement of what is going to be almost makes us dizzy. Yep, we see ourselves as being free “from what ails us.”

However, how’d that work out…last year? A few weeks in, reality hits us hard. We think, “Was the old life really that bad?” And, at least, you know it was easier then now! So, we begin to rationalize away our new efforts as taking too much time or creating too much distress. Then, we abandon our goals…and feel terrrible deep within.

Well, you are in good (?) company…’cause the Israelites were the same way. Desparately wanted a change. Deeply wanted freedom. Ready to do whatever it would take to be liberated. And just such an opportunity came through a leader named Moses. God was offering them what they wanted – and they jumped at the chance.

Until…the “new” wore off. Then, upon seeing pharaoh’s army bearing down on them, they began the see the slavery in a whole “new” light. Was it all that bad? Yes, people were worked to death. Yes, they were loosing their indentity. Yes, it was tough. But, it was not this “new” thing now.

Here’s your word of encouragement…for the new year. DON”T QUIT. (That was a command actually.) You know what needs to happen financially, physically, relationally, and – most importantly – spiritually. You can do what God has put on your heart. (That was encouragement.) Find someone to help you, to guide you, to hold you (ugh) accountable. Find someone who loves you enough to ignore your whining. (Someone who will put up with it first – then ignore it.)

Put your goals…into bite sized chunks and celebrate each step along the way. Fall of the wagon? Get back on. What?!? You’re gonna wait and start over NEXT January??? Noyouarenot. You are going to trust God and humble yourself before Him. You are going to believe that you can “do all things through Christ” and you are going to start now.

So, as your fellow traveler…I will join you. Let me know how you are doing. Facebook me. (Facebook…now there’s an article wating to be written!) I will pray for you and you pray for me. Why? Because God said He would do a “NEW” thing in our midst. (You are part of the “midst.”)



I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.

-Philippians 4:13