Vested – Invested

I am impressed…with word-smiths. These are the people who can string words together and make you see in your mind a vivid picture. They may be writers, sports announcers, or speakers. They have in common a keen ability to use words to draw us into the experience they are having or have had. Perhaps, they use this gift to get us to imagine something different or to persuade us to another way of thinking.
Sometimes I watch TV shows…simply for the actors’ dialogue. West Wing was one of my favorites. Aaron Sorkin was amazingly skilled as its writer. While I didn’t agree with its political slant I would sometimes re-watch an episode for the way he crafted the words. I watched Gilmore Girls for the same reason. (Don’t judge me, guys.) Whether it was a character’s impassioned monologue or the witty rep-artee between mother and daughter I was all ears. (More currently, the Big Bang Theory has awesome writers.)

But, to be able to draw us in…a writer must have mastered vocabulary. He/she must have an understanding of the proper use of words. They must know that there is no such word as “irregardless” (regardless). Writers must overcome the fear of the whole “than I/than me” nightmare. Oh, and they certainly have to know that the contrac-tion for “you all” IS NOT YA’LL!!!! It is “y’all.” (Don’t get me started on this one. Oh, wait…I started this. Never mind.)
Here are a couple of words that are…different in meaning but often confused: “vested” and “invested.” The first word is often used in the term “vested interest.” It means that you have a special interest in something and can’t be neutral and, therefore, are biased. “Invested” applies to placing your money, time, or effort in something and expecting a good return.
OK, so how is this worthy of your time…except that you now know that I will watch (occasionally…very occasionally) a chick-show? Well, I think these words highlight part of the experi-ence of today’s churches and believers.
We should have a vested interest…in the things of God and His local church. You should be biased about God and not ever be able to be neutral. Think: Razorbacks. Neutral? I didn’t think so. (Ok…for you others just pick a team…an SEC team. Sorry, my vested interest is showing.)
Ah, but here is the problem…in many churches. People aren’t VESTED ‘cause they’ve never INVESTED. Follow me here. In order to be biased (pro) you must first be somehow investing in the organization, business…or the Kingdom. Time, talent, treasure…start giving those to the Kingdom and see what happens in your heart. Jesus told us that where our treasure is we will find our hearts. Not in-vesting finds us being neutral…which is just a few letters and steps away from being negative.
So, dear saints, the question…is obvious. Are you invested in FBCH and in the larger scope, the Kingdom? If you are then get ready to become vested. When you do you become immovable. By the way, another definition for “vested” is “settled or fixed.” Now that’s a legal term but it means it is a permanent condition. Wouldn’t that be a great way to live? I think so, but I don’t have the skill to move you with written words as I am not a wordsmith. I guess it’ll have to be a God-thing in your life.
Your vested ‘cause I’m invested pastor,