Class Teacher Location Study Material
Newly and Nearly – Couples Rob and Jonesy Davis Room 222 Love and Respect
Adults (18-24) GAP Jeff Brasel Building across the street Examining Selfies
Adults (25-40) Troy Rook Room 309 1 & 2 Samuel
Adults (40-55) Jay Parker Room 223 Get Out of Your Head
Adults (55-65) Ron Pittman FH 211 C&D Explore the Bible
Senior Ladies – Wheeler Pat Wheeler Room 221 Explore the Bible
Senior Ladies – Campbell Jeannie Campbell FH 212 C&D Explore the Bible
Senior Men – Logan Roger Logan Room 208 Explore the Bible
Senior Men – Shaddox Robert Shaddox FH 212 A&B Explore the Bible
Adults (all ages) Larry Hodnett Room 203 Luke – Eyewitness Series

Not wanting to venture on-campus?

For those of you who are not joining us on campus, we will be offering ONLINE ONLY Bible Study Groups that will start at the same time (8:45a) and feature Right Now Media materials.  These will be separate from our on-campus classes, but a great way  to fellowship and disciple one another using the amazing technology at our disposal!
To sign up for this option, click here and fill out our contact page, or simply email fbc@fbcharrison and let us know!