---Small Groups

 Sunday School Department
Adult V Ladies             Mary Corbin                     Lifeway – Explore the Bible          Library
Adult IV Ladies           Jeannie Campbell            Lifeway – Explore the Bible          Fellowship Hall – 212C
Adult IV/V Men            Robert Shaddox              Lifeway – Explore the Bible          Fellowship Hall – 212B  
Adult III Ladies            Pat Wheeler                      Lifeway – Explore the Bible          Room 221                  
Adult III Men                Roger Logan                     Lifeway – Explore the Bible         Room 208
Sanctuary Class        Larry Hodnett                   Gospel Project for Adults             Room 203
                                      Ray Edwards                             
New and Nearly New     Bro.  Rob                         “Love and Respect”                     Room 304
Couples Department
Couples I                         Dan & Cy Bowers              “Changes that Heal”  (Cloud)       Room 309
Couples II                        Jay Parker                         I Peter                                       Room 223
Couples III                       Ron Revard                      Gospel Project for Adults             Fellowship Hall
Couples IV                       Don Sugg                         Lifeway – Explore the Bible          Fellowship Hall
Couples IV                       John Eoff                         Lifeway – Explore the Bible          Room 222
Youth Department 
10th/11th/12th Grade Boys                                                    Gospel Project                            Room 220
10th/11th/12th Grade Girls   Chris Reading        
7th/8th/9th Grade Boys        David Stahler
7th/8th/9th Grade Girls        Mary McNew
Childrens Department
Children’s Director            Jessyka Dove
5th/6th Grade Boys/Girls     Carolyn Rook                              Lifeway (Bible Study for Kids)          Room 308
3rd/4th Grade Boys/Girls     Colleen Weyant                          Lifeway (Bible Study for Kids)          Room 210
1st/2nd Grade Boys/Girls     Diane Preston                            Lifeway (Bible Study for Kids)          Room 209
                                      Anne Hubbard                            Lifeway        
                                      Joyce Pittman                            Lifeway
                                      Beverly Stokes                           Lifeway
Preschool Department
Preschool Director             Ronelle Tallant
5 year olds                       Betty Johnson                             Lifeway (Bible Study for              Room 206
                                      Jenny Curtis                                           for Preschool)
3/4 year olds                    Renee Cates                               Group-Hands on                        Room 201
2 Year Olds                      Derek and Stephanie                   Group – Hands on                       Room 202
1 Year Olds                      Bill Doshier                                Lifeway – Early Steps Learning     200B
Babies                             Ronelle Tallant                           Lifeway – Early Steps Learning     200A
                                                                                                                          (February 2020)