Bibles, Bibles, Bibles

Bibles, Bibles Bibles…like everywhere! I happened to glance around my study at home and noticed that I have quite the collection. Different colors, different sizes, different translations. There are some with commentary, some with side margins to write in, and of course, the red letter (Jesus words) editions. As I thought about it, I realized that I could put them into other categories as well.
  The Precious…Yes, I know that all Bibles are to be precious.  I’m referring to the relationships beyond the Bible itself. My preaching Bible (the one I use every Sunday here) was given to me by my previous church when I went back to preach a revival not too long after becoming your pastor. They noticed that the one I had was a bit tattered. That Bible is now my home study Bible – which has lost its cover. (Have you priced leather re-bounding? Yikes!) And there’s one that a friend from my TRUTH days gave me. Needless to say, that one is well traveled. I have a black Bible (in case I preach in formal attire) that my dear friend Harris Malcolm gave me. It was a tough time in my ministry and Harris was a Barnabas to me. Then, I have a Pastor’s edition Gideon New Testament. Lamar Josey was like a second dad to my boys. He has cancer now. This Bible is now a prayer reminder for this sold out Gideon and godly man
The Personal…Another Bible I have is a Living Bible translation. I carried it with me for two years during my “on the road/professional (?) singer” days. Jonesy keeps on her nightstand and for as long as we’ve been married I’ve seen her use it most mornings in her devotional time. In it she keeps some items that are precious to her – pictures of her parents and other loved ones along with other things of meaning. I’ve even seen her holding it close as she sleeps. It’s the Bible that grand #1, Evelyn, goes to and through when she stays with us. At bedtime, she wants to hear again the stories behind the pictures and she would get “Mia” to read about “baby Jesus.”
Then there are the Purposeful…ones. I sometimes spend a couple or three hours a week providing Biblical counseling through our association. I keep what I refer to as my counseling Bible there. It is well marked and rough around the edges. The markings remind me of what and when the Lord has spoken to me about His word. It’s amazing how those same moments are now utilized as I seek to disciple folks going through tough times. Now, I’ve already mentioned my preaching and study Bibles as precious, but they certainly qualify to be in this group. So, I’ll just mention one more: my “car” Bible. It’s one of my favorites because it goes most places with me. I have an emergency kit that I keep in my man-van. I consider this copy of God’s Word a must have. As one preacher said, “In a bad situation you need supplies – but you also need hope.” Yep, I wouldn’t want to be without it.

Here’s the hook…You don’t need a bunch of Bibles like me. But, like me, you can have Bibles that are only icons or sentimental reminders…if you don’t read them. One thing about our new Sunday School Bible study that excited me was the fact that we all would be propelled to read MOST of the Bible in just over 9 months. If you choose to read along with me, then our Bible(s) will not just be an accessory but can be – here’s my last category… POWERFUL! Think on these things, my sheep. Your “Bunch of Bibles”  pastor, Rob