The Best Yes – Young Ladies Bible Study

The Best Yes is a six-session study by Lysa TerKeurst who shares how to make better use of the two most powerful words, yes and no using Biblical teaching and practical insights which will help you be more equipped to discern the best yes answers for your life. (Facilitator: Cy Bowers… will meet in Cy’s home …5018 Grubb Springs Road)


My B.E.S.T. Resolution

,This study involves 4 areas: Bible study, Exercise, Service, and what you Treasure. Each category is backed with scripture. B.E.S.T. participants will discover who and why God made them. Class members will need a Bible, walking shoes, comfortable clothes, notebook, and calendar. (Facilitator: Tina Newton… Room 2


Defined…Who God Says You Are –

Defined…Who God Says You Are by Stephen and Alex Kendrick. This new eight session video Bible study is based on their new movie Overcomer . It is about finding your identity in God. So before asking, who am I?, you need to be able to answer, who is God? The problem with our search for identity is that we are looking in all the wrong places. (Facilitator: Donna Sherman… Room 223)
This is a Ladies’ Bible Study


The Bondage Breaker

Neil Anderson’s book, The Bondage Breaker has brought hope to readers facing negative spiritual attacks.

In twelve 15-minute DVD sessions, he presents the transforming truths of his book and addresses how harmful habits, negative thinking, and irrational feelings all lead to sinful behavior and keep you in bondage. If you feel trapped by any of these strongholds in your life, know that you are not alone—you can be set free as a child of God. (Facilitators: Eddie and Jennifer Bartlett… Room 222) Workbook: $10



Decoding the Future

Scheduled to begin again after the first of the year.
The Book of Revelation, which concludes God’s plan for humanity, is one of the most misunderstood and debated books of the Bible,
Decoding the Future will take you from the classroom to the Middle East as you explore the ruins of ancient sites and get additional input and views from a panel of theological experts. This course may very well change the way you understand how these last-days will unfold and explains why these things must inevitably take place. (Facilitator: Rob Davis… Room 203)