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Relationships, far more than church attendance, are what God uses to grow and mature our faith in Him. The best way to build these relationships at First Baptist Harrison is through Small Group Bible Study.
Out greeters and church leadership will help you find the class which is right for you.  As you enter the building, the Welcome Center is in the front atrium.  Help will be there to give you assistance in finding the right classes for you and your family.


We have Bible Study Groups for every age group from preschoolers to senior adults.  We believe you will find each class to be a place of both learning and fellowship.


Take the opportunity to see someone’s life changed and invite a friend to church this weekend.


Jesus came to serve and has invited us to join Him in being servants. Serving helps us grow in our faith while giving us a sense of belonging. As people serve, whether in the church, in North Arkansas, and around the world, the impact has the power to change lives, ours and those who are not yet believers.
There are plenty of opportunities to use your skills and talents for the betterment of the church. Working with people builds relationships. Many of the volunteer positions also come in contact with many people both members and non members.



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Media Committee Volunteers Needed

The media ministry of the First Baptist Harrison exists to help reach the lost with the gospel of Jesus Christ. This ministry has been a vital part of the church for over 70 years going from a live hourly radio broadcast at 10:00am every Sunday morning and then moved to a taped delayed television broadcast. First Baptist Harrison now live streams the Sunday services on our website, www.fbcharrison.org.  Technology has evolved but the mission is still the same, to reach the people of North Arkansas and Southern Missouri, and the world, with the message of Christ.  Reach out at fbc@fbcharrison.org to talk with Chris Pittman, our Media Pastor if you are interested in joining the team.  We have needs in positions of all skill levels, from aspiring beginners to professionals.