If you look around, you can find it

If you look around, you can find it. “IT?” you ask. It is faithfulness. You can be faithful to a cause, a political party, a person, a civic duty and/or a philosophy. However, I’m going to be more specific here. I’m going to share what I’ve seen in churches
In my almost 20 years here…at FBCH I’ve been blessed to see faithfulness in our people. I’ve seen spouses care for a sick wife or husband. They have given attention to them at home almost round the clock. Some have gone to the care facility almost every day to feed them due to stroke or dementia.  It has been an honor to see that kind of faithfulness in action.
I’ve also seen faithfulness…in and to ministry. People have been loyal to being “behind the scenes” servants. They have participated in Kingdom work even when volunteers or resources were scarce. They kept plugging away because it was a calling. They were going to keep it up because it was a personal thing between them and God.
And there have been people…who were simply – yet deeply – faithful to their church. It seems like little can keep them away. They come no matter the diagnosis and despite their difficult medical regimens and treatments. And even in their weakened conditions you never heard a complaint about the temperature of the worship center or the volume of the praise band. (I might add here that they didn’t complain about the sermons…well, not to me personally.)
Here’s a great example…to encourage you. Debbie Stawarz is a wonderful member of our FBCH family. She, due to a stroke, has lost most use of one side of her body. She is in a wheelchair. A while back now, I found out the Debbie was attending a women’s Sunday School class on the 3rd floor. Since we don’t have an elevator to that area she would have to park in the upper lot, upload her chair via her truck’s lift, get in the chair and roll up the ramp to her class. Then, she would repeat the process so she could attend the worship service on the lower level. Wow! I’d say that’s faithful. (We have since moved that class down a floor.) Oh, and she is now, I believe, helping with a children’s Sunday School class.
As a young minister in south Alabama…I first saw faithfulness to church attendance. I was the “Associate Pastor of Music and Youth” at the FBC of Robertsdale. It was a great place to be since I was in my early 20’s – and the beach was 20 miles away. Sun, seafood, and youth ministry! Anyway, every Sunday, Bill and Toby, a couple in their late 70’s would arrive. (“Toby” was the wife’s name. Yeah, I don’t get it either.) Bill always had a cushion with him to sit on to make him more comfortable. Why? Well, Bill had worked for the railroad and was injured in an accident. He was missing both legs and an arm because he was run over by a train. Not “run into” – RUN OVER!!! The pillow was too help alleviate the constant discomfort he felt sitting in those pews. I asked him how he could be so faithful in his attendance (for decades). He told me that for him, it was never an option not to attend. Then he said that if people saw him in church, maybe they would be more faithful, too. Needless to say, Bill and Toby had a tremendous impact on me.
So, how are you doing…at this whole “faithfulness” thing? Do little things (minor, unimportant whims) take your attention and keep you from your commitments? Are you faithful right now? If not, why not? If not now, then when? I tend to think about the verse in Hebrews where it mentions “so great a cloud of witnesses.” So, when did faithfulness become an optional activity for Believers?
Your “won’t lay out for no good reason” pastor,