If you would like personal assistance,
call (281-686-9624) or
email (chris.pittman@fbcharrison.org)
me to set up an appointment up here at the church recording studio.  

How To Video – Christmas Project 2020

Alrighty, FBC Harrison Worship Ministry, let’s make this happen! Here is a video to walk you through the instructions and process.  I am more than happy to answer any questions or help in any way, so just reach out to me:
I want to finally meet our entire worship ministry!
This link will take you to the sheet music and vocal tracks you will use to make your recordings.  If you are submitting an instrumental track, just use the main recording as your track (make sure you are using this one that is in the key of C and not the original recording!)
This link will take you to the folder that will instruct you to upload (send me) your videos and recordings.  Remember, I only need one take per person, per part.  But you are welcome to send me as many parts as you like: Bass, Tenor, Alto, Soprano, Lead Vocal,  or Back ground vocals.
And there you have it! You’ve done it! Look for the completed project to be shown during the service on Sunday morning, December 13th!