Random Tho”t Day

“This is Random Tho’t Day” No, it’s not a revered national holiday like, say, National Doughnut Day. It’s the special day when I have a writing deadline and am struggling to choose the topic. Therefore, all of these thoughts bouncing around in my mind saying “Pick me! Pick me!” all in luck. I sort of feel like Oprah: “YOUR’RE in the article! YOUR’RE in the article!” So, line up, musings. Here we go!   

The Southern Baptist Convention…just elected its youngest president ever. J.D. Greear is in his late 40’s. (Whippersnapper!) The SBC has made great strides over the last decade or so to become inclusive and reflective of our total fabric. That’s a good thing. Heaven will not be one flavor. Our denomination (and leadership) shouldn’t be either.

I turn 65 in a few days…but I can’t relate to that age. In my mind I am still in my 40’s. (Whippersnapper!) Funny how the mind plays tricks on you like that. I know I should act my age but I’m not sure what that looks like. So, until I get clarification on this I’ll just pretend I’m the younger me.

Even at this age I’m still amazed…at people who should know better but don’t. How can you go to Sunday School, Bible studies, and sit under preaching and STILL be so negative. Yikes! I think that may be the greatest barrier to people believing the Gospel. We say it is life changing. Some people wonder: “If that’s true, Good Lord, how negative WERE you BEFORE you got saved?!?” Hey! Monitor your talk people! You’re making lost people look attractive in comparison. I doubt seriously your spiritual “chip on your shoulder” gift is actually in the Bible.

If I wasn’t saved and was sent to Hell…and there was no Hell-fire, my eternal torment would be to have to cut wood with a chain saw that started every time but whose chain jump off the bar after the start of every cut. Trivia: this is where the expression “enough to make a preacher cuss” originated.

I do so love FBCH! I realize how blessed I am. You may not realize how blessed you are. No, not by having me as pastor but in the great church you are. We have incredible worship every Sunday. We have awesome teachers in every age group. Your staff is committed and each one is a great servant leader. We are reaching all ages. Let me say it again: I’m a blessed man.

Grandchildren are the best! That’s all that needs to be said on that topic.

I just have a feeling…God is about to do a new thing in our midst. I have no clue what that might be. I do know that Satan has been trying to worm his way into our family. There have been too many goofy things happening lately. However, your deacons have been really good sheepdogs and have protected the flock by their compassion and confrontation. Those guys are really the best. Young men and older: serving God in a consistent way.  

Your “I’m feeling less mentally cluttered” pastor,